Friday, 10 October 2014

Youtube Method (PPD)

Youtube Method (PPD) 



This method consists on using YouTube to promote your file links in a way which will make people download.

Difficulty:              Medium
Set-up Time:        30 minutes 
Maintenance        The more time you spend, the more you'll earn.

Step 1:
Make sure you have a YouTube account and a Pay-Per-Download site account (Get one here).

Step 2:
Search around YouTube for a niche that you think will attract visitors and eventually get you downloads.
Basic niches include:

  • Online game hacks;
  • Crazy celebrity in drunken bar fight;
  • How to lose weight fast;
  • How to gain a six pack;
  • Music videos;

You get the picture. The more unique the niche, the more downloads you'll gain, an over saturated niche means you'll have a lot of competition, while a unique niche will only have a small amount of competition.

Step 3:
Either create your own video, or download someone else's using an online YouTube downloader. Now depending on your niche chosen, you can;

  • Cut the ending off to a video using movie maker, then upload the cut off piece to your PPD site;
  • Create a fake/real program/hack which you could upload to you PPD site;
  • Create or find a copyright free ebook which you could upload to the PPD site;

Once again, the more unique a method, the more you'll earn.

Step 4:
Once you've decided on how your going to get people to download your file, Upload the video to YouTube.

Once the video has been uploaded, grab the download link to your file, and place it in the description of your YouTube video or create an annotation using the YouTube video editor and at the end of the video, place your download link in.

(Another monetizing technique which could be included here is, Pay-Per-View, you could shrink the download link of your file before placing it in the YouTube video, this would earn you more money!(

Step 5:
Now this step is optional, but  highly recommend it.

Now we're going to sign up to some YouTube Service sites, which give your video views, comments, likes, favorites and even subscribers.

Using this method you can give your YouTube video views helping it to grow in the search feeds and making it more popular. Also, cashing in likes for your YouTube videos can increase your downloads as it makes the video seem more legit, and also makes whatever your offering in the download seem worth while to fill in a survey for. Next, comments. These can really increase your Downloads as people viewing your video will scroll down to check the comments to determine your video's legit-ness. So gaining 'fake' comment and 'fake' likes can really help your earning shoot through the roof.

Two sites that I personally use -

Enhance Views:


Although a quick Google search will uncover more.

Step 6:
Your finished. Although the great thing about this method is that your not limited to the amount of video you can upload to YouTube, so your earning potential is in fact unlimited. Only thing you need o tap into this virtual gold mine is, time. The more your willing to spend on this method, the more you'll earn.